Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Share and Share Alike

While on leave, I went to my high school that I graduated from to visit one of my history teachers. This guy is probably one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy history as much as I do. He had made the class fun and interesting and the world did not seem as scary. Well, my thinking was he and maybe his class would be interested in maybe five or ten minutes of information about the last year of my life. I am thinking this would be a great opportunity for a history class.

I never made it, to see him or any class at my high school, and this is why:

I went to the high school office and upon entering I had told the secretary my intentions her reply was, " You cannot see anyone in the high school, especially a teacher, without an appointment." I then replied with, " This is the last weekday I am in town, couldn't I go in between periods and catch him and ask if he had some time of about ten minutes?" Her reply was frank and coarse, "No. "

I am a person that does not give up easily so I attempted to see someone else that was free in the administration since this rule did not seem to apply. And I was able to stay a little longer while I talked to the guidance counselor who was once once of my math teachers. (Another good teacher that made me enjoy math.) While I talked to her, I still attempt to see any class and talk with any of the "Good" teachers, but my attempts were futile. I even talked to the new and current principal, who in my opinion is very timid. (Which that seems funny, because everyone else I talked to said she rules with an iron fist.)

I did have a great conversation with my old math teacher, but a nary a student. Is my first hand experience in a situation that boring, that I couldn't be seen? The biggest excuse I was given is that there is too much disruption of the class time to see any visitors. I am just missing the point that these people were trying to tell me. I cannot figure it out. Also, you must also realize that I have visited the school before with teachers and students, once after I came back from Kosovo and a time after when I went to Zaire. (Zaire does not exist anymore, so don't bother looking it up.) Both of those times, I received a warm welcome and was told to come back more often. I even was a pen pal to one of the classes while I was Albania.

I just don't get it. The opportunity was there, but I was met with an iron gate.