Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shell Game

While I believe I am a realist at heart, I really have a hard time believing in the good.

The good in people. The good in politics. The good in a soul. The good in tomatoes. The good in life.
( I threw in the tomatoes for fun.)

Knowing my family if they decide to read this, the reaction will undoubted be in disbelief for what is really is. My friends or at least the ones that see me often to say they are my friends will if they read this say this post is a ruse or a play on words. The people I have met on the virtual reality will chalk this one up to a pessimistic behavior pattern common in people of my stature. The true point to this post is to say that I am empty. Vacation really did not help fill it. I wanted to think that but it is not the case.

I am empty.

I do not know how to fill it.

I am empty.