Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shopping and Bunnies

I really need to go shopping.


I need new clothes, military and civilian; stuff for my truck, like seat covers(so other people don't fuck up my insides for me), toolbox, a sun or moon visor or something like that; "smell good" or "sure fuck"; hygiene stuff like alcohol (for my razor), new tooth brush would be nice, maybe a toilet cozy.

The main thing is I need clothes and I can admit it, I suck at shopping for myself in the clothes department. So I tend to not go and stay in a different decade as everyone else. I know that if I feel the need to buy pants I have to ask a woman if my ass looks good or not in them. (Took me years to figure that one out.)

Enough about shopping, the other part of this post is the bunnies.
I have no plans for the weekend. So what does a "normal" single man do?
I plan on seeing bunnies at the bar.
Some people see elephants, I plan on seeing bunnies.