Saturday, March 29, 2008

State of the Wyldth1ng, Part II

My thumb/wrist is improving but ever so slightly. My thumb pain is almost all gone, except when I use my hand gripping "things" a lot, like dumb ass. My wrist pain has not changed, it took a while to figure out that I have more than one injury in the same location.

The home I am trying to purchase is in the repair stage of the negotiations and it appears the seller is going to do all the repairs that I have asked for. Which equates to a lot of money I don't have and will not have to worry about. I thought about if it is still worth it, and I believe it is. My closing date as a result has now shifted to end of April.

I had talked to my old boss (the guy who is in charge of the avionics) and was told not to expect to come back anytime soon. I don't know how I feel about that. In my current job, I have lots of responsibility and few troops; in the job in avionics I would less responsibility but lots of troops to lead.

I will end of posting pictures eventually on Flickr of what I got from the Dining In. Nothing too fancy just a picture or two of my date and I.