Monday, March 17, 2008

Sharp as Tack

While perusing the scenery one day I noticed the items on the menuet to be quite blistery. The thorns trickled with blood and glistened as it fell. Careful to not gain the attention of of would be attackers, I hopped over the fence only to be pushed aside by the anestrus of a much more colorful person than I.

If in the hollow of man, such a feat is looked upon as normal as any man could do, then shudder the facts as they hit the floor with such a magnitude that the heaven above shall know new boundaries. This truth I bare, is not for me, but for you; so that you can hold the cup in your bosom like none before.

Don't scorn me with your tales, I will not have it. I will not. For my fare is heavy and only I can carry it.

Do not fret. I have been here before. I know this limits and I know what awaits.

Soon I will be with you all; soon I will join the fray.