Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Acronyms - Pet Peeve # 316

I may be a dumb man, but I am not stupid. It irritates me immensely when people use acronyms to express their feelings or use it to express themselves in a conversations. While I know that I use a blogstones at times, this is not an acronym. It is a symbol. When communicating with any sort, they use crap like LOL, LMAO or SASMF; I tend to believe that the individual still hasn't passed the eighth grade. Well, I did.

In the military, there are many acronyms for just about any job and it differs tremendously on occupation. Out of habit more now than anything else, I will use the words in everyday conversation unless said acronym is an accepted form by all parties.

Most people(in my experience) that use this type method to converse, instead of typing it all out, also seem to not understand basic sentence structure. "Noun - verb idea." If using an action verb there must be something doing the action. And guess what, a whole sentence cannot be all prepositions. It just cannot. Sorry to disappoint you all on that one. The point I am trying to make here is, if you are trying to impress me don't speak (type) outside of your grade level. Let me know if you flunked out of high school, so that I will use small one syllable words. I have no problem if you were a child left behind, let me know and I will help you fill out that (insert no education required employer here) application.