Friday, May 16, 2008

RevGals Friday Five: Grand Tour

Name five places that fall into the following categories:

1) Favorite Destination -- someplace you've visited once or often and would gladly go again
Valletta, Malta

2) Unfavorite Destination -- someplace you wish you had never been (and why)
Jackson County, Ohio -Hwy 35
For some darn reason, I get pulled over for speeding every time.

3) Fantasy Destination -- someplace to visit if cost and/or time did not matter
Disney World, TomorrowLand, Opening day.

4) Fictional Destination -- someplace from a book or movie or other art or media form you would love to visit, although it exists only in imagination
Battle School (Ender's Game)

5) Funny Destination -- the funniest place name you've ever visited or want to visit
Spread Eagle, Wisconsin