Thursday, May 29, 2008

God, Part III

(If you do a search for the second post you will not find it here. So don't bother looking.)

Being the well rounded individual that I am, I wonder at today and yesterday. This wonder is what we have done.

According to Ms. Winfrey, the mere conscious is God. To her there is nothing after here, which to her credit might be true since she makes a lot of money here. Why have a sin of greed, let's just get rid of that, then it won't be sinful to be rich. I will be honest with you all, I don't like her and her preachings; the cult she has made or the money machine she generated with it.

Then you have those who have decided to replace it all with a machine that has a meter on it like a Geiger counter. I have been exposed by enough radiation to know that this crap is for the loonies.

I could easily go on with more examples of lunacy and cult-like activities, but why?

It seems to be the hip thing to do lately, really. Let's replace God with stuff. Okay, so for the next twenty minutes all my advice is going to come from an iPod.

That was fun wasn't it?

I am still searching with my spirit. I don't know what I want to follow. I do know what not to follow.

When someone came up with the seven deadly sins, I think maybe they came up with this list for a reason. I mean look at what they are:

Lust - okay so with out this one the porn industry would be out of business and we know how good business is.

Gluttony - Do these jeans make me look fat? If you asking the question you probably are.

Greed - I think I all ready covered this one.

Sloth - I am sorry but sometimes it is easier to push the buttons on the TV set than finding the remote.

Wrath - You would think I would know a lot about this one, not the case. There are others much better at it than I.

Envy - I don't anyone with out this, I am one of them. I envy goodwill and happiness.

Pride - This is one of my worst and low and behold it is considered the worst. I just can't stop.

So there you have it. I am still searching for something else. These "sins" are called that for a reason and I can find fault in myself with them, but I am working on it.