Monday, May 12, 2008

The Slip Under the Door Meme

Katie Schwartz tagged me in the most sneaky way imaginable, she told me.

Ten Years Ago what was I doing?

The year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Eight, I was in the Marine Corps. Holy Shit! And I was here at MCAS New River, but was going to school. I was changing jobs from a jet electrician to a helo electrician. Yeah, I was pulling the wool over Uncle Sam's eyes that year.

Five Things on Today's "To Do" List

Go to Occupational therapy. Check

Go to post office. Check

Go to commissary. Check

Go to work. Check

Go to sleep and dream. Half check.

If I were a Billionaire

I believe I did a post about what I would do if I was a millionaire, so let's assume that what ever I was going to do for that piddly amount of money, I satisfied it.

I think the only rational thing to do after that, would be to attach lasers on dolphins and let them rule the world for a while.

Three Bad Habits

If in a bar and there is a lot of smoke, I will subconsciously ask to a smoke a cigarette, thinking I am still a smoker( then later I will get sick from the smoke smell).

I basically can not remember any one's name longer than about thirty seconds, if I see you again and call you by your first name, odds are I imagined you naked in some sort sex-themed love park.

I drink copious amounts of alcohol to rid myself of the pain.

Five Places I've Lived

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

USS Nassau, USS Saipan, USS Guam, USS Wasp

Futenma, Okinawa, Japan

Millington, Tennessee

Yuma, Arizona

Five Jobs I've Had

This is by far is the hardest one. I have been in the Marines for more than a decade now, that alone should count as five jobs.

1-Waiter/MaƮtre d'
3-Auto-Barrel Operator (Plating factory)
4-Post Hole Drilling & Fences (ha ha, not funny.)
5-Librarian - Aide Technician (I don't have a degree, so I think they added the technician part to make me feel special.)