Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Old Me vs. New Me

I have to tell you all, I really don't like the new me. I didn't like the old me either, but I didn't know any better and it was due to many years of time. The new me has added a letter, like before I was an XL and now I am an XLT, but has less options than before. I may be better for the long haul but the ride just seems to be a bit bouncy and there is no adjustable head rest. This new color scheme seems to get dirty more often and the fill-ups seem to be closer together. For some darn reason, I didn't get the warranty, that was a mistake, all sorts of little things have been happening and the repair cost is pretty evil. With the old me you could guarantee at least one down workday and two weekends a month, the new me seems much more sporadic. It make it hard for planning. The old one had a garage and the new has one, kind of, but I haven't seen it yet.