Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun with Navy Medicine, Part XIII

Today was a pinnacle point in my situation(re-evaluation). I received an injection to my joint in my wrist which the needle was two and half inches long and my wrist is about an inch and half thick. We learned I do not have a joint problem and it is ligament and/or tendon damage. This is separate from my thumb which we have known all along it was tendon damage. My thumb is now my (and the Navy's) secondary concern, but still a concern none the less. I have a new (temporary) splint for the long weekend that supports my wrist more and gives me more freedom with my thumb. After Decoration Day, I will be going back to Occupational Therapy to concentrate on my wrist and drop the pain levels. I am making progress and the doctor is confident that returning back to full duty will be a reality.