Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hurricane Prep

All we have been doing for the past few days is preparing for this almighty storm that currently looks as if is is puttering out. I am not worried at all about Hanna, Ike on the other hand may be much more fun. I personally like hurricanes. I get time off from work; all the garbage in the streets blows/washes away; I feel the need to fly a kite, it is all fun.

The basic essentials have been dumbed down for just about any family to help prepare for us. I guess you could say "they" have "Marine proofed" all stuff we need to know and do. It should be a no brainer since the Carolinas have had many famous Hurricanes come this way. The last big one I went through was Fran/Bertha and the last for me was Dennis.

I am looking forward to see how my house stands up to a hurricane. I should finally find out if I have any leaks in my roof. Find out if my sealing of the windows was any good. And maybe find out how many candles it takes to light up my home.

In case you don't have a destructive weather checklist of your own here is a copy of ours:

INSTRUCTIONS: Check off each line after you have placed that item into your Disaster Supply Kit. Assemble supplies and store them in an easy- to-carry container such as a backpack or duffel bag.

One Gallon of Fresh Water per Person, per day
Ready to eat Canned Meats, Fruits & Vegetables
Canned Juices, Milk & Soup
Sugar, Salt & Pepper
High-Energy Foods: Peanut Butter, Jelly, Crackers, Granola Bars, Trail Mix
Foods for Elderly Persons, Infants, or Persons with Special Dietary Needs
Comfort/Stress Foods: Cookies, Hard Candy, Sweetened Cereals, Lollipops

Bandages Assorted Sizes, Sterile Gauze Pads, Adhesive Tape, Sterile Rolled Bandages, Scissors, Tweezers, Needle, Antiseptic, Thermometer, Safety Pins, Latex Gloves, Sunscreen, Belt with buckle

Mess kit, Paper Cups, Plates, Plastic Utensils, Bleach
Battery Operated Radio & Extra Batteries
Flashlight (2) & Extra Batteries
Cash (Various Denominations)/Traveler Checks
Non-Electric Can Opener, Utility Knife
Fire Extinguisher
Pliers, Tape Roll (2), Compass, Wrench, Plywood to Cover Windows
Matches in Waterproof Container
Paper, Pencil (2), Pen (2), Sewing Kit
Road Maps of Local Area & Evacuation Route

Sturdy Shoes/Work Boots
Rain Gear (Jacket & Pants)
Hat & Gloves
Thermal Underwear
Sun Glasses
Blankets/Sleeping Bags (Each Person)

Baby Items: Formula, Diapers, Bottles, Powdered Milk, Medications
Personal Records
Insurance Policies
Passports, Social Security Cards, Immunization Records
Credit Card(s) & Check Book(s)
Inventory of Household Goods (Pictures and/or VCR Film)
Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates
Photographs of all Family Members (Fingerprint on Back of Picture) & Photograph of Family Pets
Box of Large Plastic Bags