Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Edition, Part II

For some damn reason, it seems that I cannot get a thousand bucks of rent a month for my home in Arizona unless it has a carport. Even that doesn't cover the mortgage. The home is 2200 square foot home on an acre and a half. It sits about 14 miles from the city which is all interstate driving and has a mountain view on three sides. Inside it has three bedrooms, two full baths, closet space of approximately 800 square feet, energy efficient, skylighted kitchen, dinning room, breakfast nook, living room, sun room, and mud room. I also included every major appliance not to miss the jetted tubs in each bathroom. Where in Sam's Hell can you find anything like that for under a grand a month? Plus, since there is a built in pet door, it seems that every renter has pets. My Berber carpeting is ruined.

My home in North Carolina, is a complete contrast in comparison. It was built 50 years earlier and is centered in the city, plus there is grass. Since this is my primary residence, it would be nice to to have a carport or at least a cover park area to the home, it rains here. I have been trying to do an upgrade a paycheck. This last one I added a fan to the front room and one in the kitchen. (I'll do a video when I get the mess cleaned up.)

I have been trying lately to get some assistance in my remodel/repair of my homes. It seems unless I am missing something here, but since I am active duty I am screwed. There is lots of money available for veterans, whether it be a loan, grant or a combo. I have looked into the 203K and 502K programs, both are for remodeling or repair of a residence and are backed by the government. One I make about three thousand too much a year to qualify and the other it seems that since I am not a residence of where my homes are, automatically disqualifies me. There is no program or help for active duty members of service. Not a one. (I know what you thinking, what about the Navy Relief Society? They will only help me in a catastrophe.)

The good thing about doing any type of remodel or adding a carport is I will save a bunch of money once I have my surgery. No driving, alcohol, or partying for two months. So after that, I should be able to afford a carport for at least in Arizona.

I have tried something different over the weekend. I have been applying for about two dozen home improvement shows. Most are exclusively for California. One that looks promising is for north eastern United States, I am hoping North Carolina is north enough. The one thing that is needed for all of them is ownership, I have that. It seems to me that most are biased and are looking for a couple atmosphere, that may disqualify me.