Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pupil (Final Draft)

Being broken, hurt and sad
Possibilities are endless
Having hope while mad
Sparkling bubbles into the mess

Heartless and Joy
Consciences and Bliss
Girls and a Boy
Bullets waver the miss

Indulgent while coy,
Innocence of the smoking gun
Piercing a little toy
Drinking in Tun.

Shadows in the light
Smiles after the axe,
The sun into the Night
Envy: Wrath was the tax

Savoring my flavor
Waking into Yesterday
The raven of Flight; Soar!
Bosoms what may

Dust. Ash. Clay. And Mud.
Stripping, Clawing, and Fault
A spring with bud
Secrets, Lust ... in the vault.