Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Edition

I know I lost many of my readers when I stopped reading their sites and/or commenting, so this may fall on deaf eyes so to speak.

I am an American in the pursuit of the American Dream. I gross currently about forty-five thousand dollars a year. I am the owner of multiple properties, partly because I had the means and the portfolio to accommodate these purchases. I gained my portfolio by learning how the world works and how to make my dollar work for me. I have made some mistakes. Some cost me almost everything, some gave me gains far above my expectations, and some just seem to have become stagnate. It is all a gamble, such as life.

My ultimate goal is to completely retire by my fiftieth birthday. By my calculations, I need approximately 3.1 million dollars in assets by that age. And of that at least 40 percent need to be in liquid assets. (I wanted to add, that my figures do not include Social Security, I figure it will not be available by that time. No matter how much I have put in it.) This also puts in, the theory, that I will live until I am 75. That is twenty-five years of good retirement. The ability to do as I please, whether it be travel or working part time as a Wal-mart greeter and shooting pool on my afternoons.

It does not matter who is our next president, but my dream, my goal, hinges partly on it. I am not telling you how to vote. That is your right. I just can not find myself voting for someone who is proposing a "steal from the rich to feed the poor" type tax, I just can't. (I have many other reasons on why I won't vote for him, but doesn't follow my thesis statement for this text.)

I am all about the pursuit of happiness, but please don't hinder that dream. (I am talking to the individual that wants to stop this pursuit.)