Monday, September 22, 2008

Politics for a Monday

I have figured it out. Why, when I talk about what I need and what most of my readers think I need think that I need Andrew Jackson's "strong willed animal". Why not the animal that never forgets?

People are looking for the short term.

I don't need short term. I need a viable future. Every person sees the politics and how it fits them or how it helps them succeed in life. I look to the future. I have been doing that since my first reenlistment when I realized that I wasn't prepared for what lie ahead. I needed to start preparing instead of living in the moment.

(Basically, I am in thought process of doing my duty for twenty and my duty will take care me for the next twenty.)

I know that while looking out for all of you, most of you will not look out for me. Therefore, I am looking out for me while I am looking out for you as well.

I know who I plan to vote for, I do. No, I will not tell you. That is my right.