Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Liking my Job

I really like my job. I have the opportunity to camp, visit new and strange places, shoot, grapple, swim, eat foreign cuisine, experience new cultures, understand what is really boring, learning about new technologies, gather with large groups of people, sing to new and old cadences, march, dress up, and many, many more tasks, skills, and experience that is unique to my role in life.

Many people come up to me and ask if I want to get out of _____(insert war/conflict here)?

The simple truth is no.

Yes, there are struggles and hardships, but I knew that when I raised my hand almost fourteen years ago. I want victory. I want United States of America victory. Where ever, whenever that may be, victory is a must.

Do I get treated unfairly in the public eye? (2nd most popular question.)

Never in my face, has anyone treated me unfairly. That does not mean it does not happen.

I believe in a days pay for a days work. I work very hard to be the best at what I do, so the J. Q. Public does not have to. The last time I reenlisted, there was no bonuses offered and I didn't bat an eye.

I like my job.

I am an United States Marine.