Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fun with Navy Medicine, Part XVII

Occupational therapy sent me home today with homework. A few exercises and stretches to do while at work.

Forearm Resting on table:
Extension - Active with finger extension (Straight palm)
Flexion - Active with finger extension (Straight palm)

Extension - Active with finger Flexion (Fist)
Flexion - Active with finger Flexion (Fist)

Ulnar Deviation - (Left/right straight palm)
Radial Deviation- Active with finger Flexion (Fist)

Extension (Hitchhiker)
Flexion (Middle of palm)

To side ("L"):
Extension/Flexion - Hand Flat on table
Extension/Flexion - Hand on side on table

Bend elbow at side, turn hand palm up/down (Pushing/Pulling with other hand)
Bend elbow at side, Hold hammer(something heavy) and rotate palm up/down (wrist straight)

Active Assisted Wrist Range of Motion Exercises:
Arm on table with thumb up, bend hand at wrist (Pushing/Pulling with other hand)
Rest forearm on table , bend at wrist (Pushing/Pulling with other hand)

I was told to hold off on the exercises for a while until I get the go ahead from the doctor, but the warm- up is bad enough at this point. I do most of this stuff while at occupational therapy and some other "fun" stuff that goes into my evil category.