Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun with Navy Medicine, Part XVIII

It seems to be that the surgery I had mentioned earlier is immanent. The doctor wants another MRI with this dye stuff injected into my wrist. Odds are that appointment will not be until at next week at the earliest. Then I see him again about a week after that. This is then followed by scheduling the surgery which would take us about three to five weeks from now. Then the recovery period of about eight weeks (staying at home) and then more of the occupational therapy that I have been doing. Hopefully, if all goes well, then a "speedy" recovery to full duty status and continue with life.

The gist of the surgery, from what I remember from my visit today, is grafting a ligament from another place of my wrist and applying it to where it is needed. In this process, a pin will be inserted between the two bones, that are currently separated, and at least two more pins in bones around (or above) the first pin. After the grafted ligament takes a hold the pins will be taken out and possibly a screw may have to be inserted into the two bones I mentioned before. If healing goes well, the screw would be taken out and viola a new wrist.