Saturday, August 30, 2008

Peanut Gallery: Autumn Edition, Part II

MezzoSF » Asks:

1. Do you enjoy karaoke and if so, what is your "go-to" karaoke song?

Yes, if the song is available I will sing "Creep" by Radiohead as my first song. My stand-bys that work for me time and time again are "Jack & Diane" by Mellencamp, "Piano Man" by Joel, and "Just a Gigolo" by Roth. If my voice is hoarse my go to songs are "Mony Mony" by Idol and "Minority" by Green Day.

2. Have you ever studied another language? (Marine/Military-acronym speak notwithstanding . . . heh)
I studied Spanish (Spain dialect) while in high school and tested out while in college the first time around. Since then I tend to dabble in many of the romantic languages, but nothing serious.

3. Favorite hobby/leisure activity?
Woodworking. If not available, then runner-up goes to conversation.

4. If you could have a superpower . . . what would you choose?
I have actually answered this a few times, but now I am would be happy with levitation.

5. Tell us about your first kiss!
My first kiss went to Nicole Berge in my first grade year. It was innocent and platonic. The first time I french kissed was with Theresa Schisel in the summer of my fifth/sixth grade year. We were on our way back into town on the roller skating bus. It was the beginning of my own sexual revolution and girls became my priority.

sarah asks:

What has surprised you lately?

No matter how hard I try, I still need help from others. Some people love me and it just isn't logical. I find myself humbled more and more everyday.

PK asks:

1) What's your favorite dessert?
Peanut Butters Squares

2) What's your least favorite food?

3) What meal do you like to prepare and love to eat?
Almost any steak, you can't lose with a strip(NY) or tenderloin with bacon wrap (Fillet Mignon).

mathman6293 asks:

How are you really doing?
I have been making due, and learning how talk about emotions.

What are you plans when you have completed your military service?
Wal-Mart greeter is my fallback. I have been looking into several employers with safety/quality control which what I am leaning towards.

Ron asks:

If you were reincarnated as an animal what would you pick to come back as?

Thorny Devil, a local in Australia

CDP asks:

How do you like your new house? Have you bought anything new for it? (Furniture, electronics, pictures)
In theory, I bought a new bed frame. It is being shipped from Nevada.(Arrived the day after I wrote this.) It is a sleigh bed style with slates of honey oak instead of being solid. I am still looking at a one room at a time upgrade idea, hopefully, by end of September the first two rooms will be done. Overall, I am happy with the house.

MEL asks:

Have you bought any plants for your yard yet?
None, I don't know the first thing about plants so it is the last thing on my list.

Are you going to get a pet for your new home? (besides a fish)
Mostly like not, since I have a hard time taking care of just myself.

How did you all do on your inspection?
Overall we did okay and we are still in business. PC got a Needs More Attention because the satellites screwed us over.

Wanna come over for dinner?