Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rant # 5

I don't understand why civilians feel they have the right to prosecute those of us that do our job. Whether it be Marine, Sailor, Coast Guardsmen, soldier or airmen, we do a job that the greater majority is unwilling to do. It saddens me a great deal when reading about Jose Luis Nazario Jr. He has done his duty to our country, yet there are some who oppose this very fabric. You can read about it here:
And here:,2933,405164,00.html

And if you want to read about the loophole that is talked about in the articles you can read about here:

If this man is tried and found guilty then we as a nation will be failing ourselves. Why would anyone want to defend a country that shits on them when their duty term is up? As a prediction in the hypothetical situation that he is found guilty, the military will no longer hold its numbers and the country will lose there defense and we as a people will have given up. The world that hates us will take over this land because it will be easy pickings, and most likely we will not have any freedom, we will be slaves of one of the many dictatorships and it will be America no more.

I hope this is not our fate, I fight for it not to be this way. I am and would like to continue to be proud of my country.