Monday, August 04, 2008

Time Management

As most of you have probably noticed I haven't been visiting everyone's blogs and other nifty things floating on the web. Last night for example I was at work until 0437, I know that was the time because I looked at my watch as I was pinning the door. So I suppose I earned my paycheck yesterday by working a twelve hour shift. My Marine is currently on leave and will be for the next two weeks, so that means I am soloing it. This week being an inspection week makes it not fun by itself. I had occupational therapy today for two and half hours, then went to pay some bills, got a haircut and picked up some chicken tenders on the way to work. My arm hurts pretty bad and the drugs just kind of dull the pain. I would love to leave early but that is just not in the cards for me. I some reports I have to finish up tonight and the boss doesn't know where the forms are located which adds to the fun.(Reports that are "new and improved") Twice this week I will be guaranteed to be late for work because of the scheduling of my doctor's appointments, another fun add on. The topping on the cake is the mandatory fun day that is scheduled for Friday, oh, and I have to provide a dessert for.

So my humble apologies for not seeing everyone's stuff and I hope you all know that I will catch up when I can.