Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Future Looks Bright

The selections for Gunnery Sergeant came out today and I have many friends and peers that have been selected. (The message is, FY 2008 APPROVED SELECTIONS TO GUNNERY SERGEANT 110830Z JUN 08, in case someone is looking for it.) I was in the below zone this year(I talk about what that means here.) so most likely I will be in zone next year. This has its pros and cons with it. The obvious pros are that selection to the next rank is possible and moving up the ladder may be quicker than originally expected. The cons are that I need to heal up and do some prerequisites such as the career course and all the normal "green" side training prior to the board next year. If all goes as well as it has this shouldn't be a major factor come next year this time.

The home purchase is moving along nicely and there should be no reason I can't close on the 27th of this month. I think I am more excited to find out what I have in my storage than the actual purchase. All my things have been in storage since June of 2005.