Monday, June 09, 2008

I Am My Father's Son

I wrote this a few weeks ago to my Mom and Dad. With Father's Day approaching, I thought it may( or may not) pertain to others as well. Even if you can't relate to it, it may give you a better glimpse of where I came from.

I have been thinking about Dad a lot lately. Pa is on his way out the door, so to speak. I have been thinking about how I am now in comparison to him.

Yes, I successfully quit smoking for a year and half but now it seems that I started to buy cigarettes again, so I suppose it was a good run wasn't it? We have that in common.

I drink. I drink copious amounts of alcohol. I say it is for the pain, but it doesn't go away. The pain is still there. We have that in common.

I get hurt and usually wait to go to the doctor. My thinking is why waste everyone's time, I might get better. This is usually not the case, I do end up going in and get "scolded" for not coming in earlier. We have that in common.

I joined the Marine Corps. You could say I did it to get away. I have often heard the stories of how his(Dad) brothers couldn't hack it in the Army and he was/is a Marine. We have that in common.

So you could say I know what my fate is, I see Dad, the way he is now and I see where/how I am going to be. I don't want this life of mine to end up that way. I need to start making changes. I want Dad to start some changes. Dad can be quite stubborn. We have that in common.