Friday, June 27, 2008

Secrets That I Don't Want to Keep Anymore

I have always wanted a hug, from someone who means it.

I threw away the girl of my dreams for a barbie doll woman, it didn't last more than a week.

I wish to dance the night away every day.

I have put up walls around me that I don't know how to take them down anymore.

I like to have my ass squeezed, gentle or hard.

I have never forgiven my relatives that have teased me for being smarter than their kids while growing up.

I enjoy looking at art for hours, I think it is erotic.

I have always had my steaks rare to medium rare, after I went to Africa, I really started enjoying the taste of the blood.

In my mind everyone hates me, I will never be good enough.

I think I would have died a lonely death had I not joined the Corps, I believe that prophecy may still come true.

I want a boring life, but I don't think I am capable of leading one.