Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not Wanting to Grow Up

I am a walking talking adult. I have responsibilities. I have duties. I have mutual respect for other walking talking adults. I don't care if you are purple or green. One arm or four.

I do want to be a kid again. Even if it is for two minutes on the tail end of my day. Laughter is truly the best medicine. If I can play and laugh and giggle and make fun and get poked back and get tickled and jump up and down and make silly faces and sing a tune and whistle for jest and splash around and build sand castles and maybe even tell a dirty joke, then I know I lived that day.

I don't need other people, I don't need other adults, I don't need kids. I can be "silly" just with me. Sometimes I do make silly faces at what seems like random times, and others view me as odd. Maybe I still have something I can hold on to. Maybe I am, still, a kid inside.