Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something Funny About America

There is an article from the MOD, Ministry of Defence, talking about how America is not a dream, kind of.

Here is some excerpts:

First the warning:

"Americans are very warm and welcoming, especially to military personnel, but – make no mistake – America is a foreign country, and as far as the locals are concerned, you are foreign aliens."

Next comes the advice:

"Take the time off you need to settle in. Until you know your family is OK you won't be able to get on with your job effectively. And make sure you take your leave and get to see the country. Americans don't tend to take much holiday, and they work six days a week. But it's in your terms and conditions of service, so don't miss out."

You have to find the humor in it. To read the whole article, you can read it here.

Hat Tip to Rogue Gunner.