Sunday, April 13, 2008

Been Sick

It should be Monday when this posts. I have had a cold since Thursday and I think it is getting better. It started with a sore throat, then a cough and sneeze by Friday and Saturday. All day Sunday my head has been stuffed up.

The cool part is I have been on duty all day Sunday. "Duty" for me is a twenty four post that requires me to verify different secure points in the squadron and check up on the barracks. There are several different "wickets" that needs to be checked off during the duty. It is a sleeping post, which means from 2200(10pm) to 0530(5:30am) myself or my clerk may sleep. Someone must be awake at all times on the quarterdeck. (Yes, I know I am throwing a whole bunch of terminology at you, bare with me here.) I have not taken anything other than some daytime Sudafed which is not working. I did try to lay down maybe slept for about fifteen minutes and here I am. I told my clerk to get some shut eye. Depending on how I feel after "changeover" which is at 0730 (7:30am) with the Sergeant Major (3 ranks higher than me or the top enlisted for the squadron) I may go into sick call.

I hate going to sick call. Sick call is a designated time period in which no appointment is necessary to see a corpsman. Mondays are the worst day to go. I would rather buy the super heavy duty taste awful medicine I can find at the drug store and try to sleep it off. So knowing that, if in the next eight hours or so it gets worse I will go into medical and wait in line with everyone else for a minimum half the day. To me it seems to be a major waste of time, so I tend to not go. (That I inherited from my father, his arm better be torn from the socket before he sees a doctor.)

Off on another tangent, why does it seem I have seen so many doctors? I have this other bad habit of over doing things(not sure who I inherited that from) which when I do, I get hurt. Simple. I put in a hundred and ten percent and ten percent gets broken.

At any rate, the head cold is pissing me off. I have plans. I need to be better now. I know you, the reader, can relate. Most likely, I will try to sleep it off sometime on Monday, with any luck.