Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Big Toe

I had a partial toe nail removal done today on my big toe. I cannot understand why it was such a big deal for the doc to do this, it only took about ten minutes and the longest time was waiting for the lidocaine to kick in.(No pun intended.)
I do know that the lidocaine has definitely worn off and it hurts a fuck-load. It is actually rivaling my wrist pain at the moment. So I did the most natural thing to do and took a couple of Tramadol tablets. Now the ailments are more of an annoyance and I have a tingling feeling over most of my body. Unfortunately, this drug only lasts for about two hours. The good news is when it comes to sleepy time I have a new prescription of Ambien.
I was told that the "soreness" will last for about a week. And it will take about two months until my nail "fully recovers." You really have to love how they put that.