Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Classic Dumb Male Syndrome

While I have written several excerpts already about "The Classic Dumb Male Syndrome" or the CDMS for short, I have had more experience of it as of late and feel I need to expound your knowledge of it. Some men can be quite intelligent and still have CDMS, pretty much anyone who is a man is a carrier of it. And what makes this syndrome special is it can effect other men in the vicinity, up to thirty feet or more.
There are certain objects that can expose a man who has CDMS: anything shiny, anything with buttons, anything with buttons with signs saying not to touch said buttons, large round objects, things that bounce; the list really goes on for a while but I think you get the idea.

When said man is showing symptoms of CDMS, he may experience the Peacock Effect. The Peacock Effect is also referred as the Rooster. Once the effect takes place there is little turning back to the original state for at least the rest of the evening. Sometimes when two or more men enter the Peacock Effect, an explosion of sorts happens and feelings get hurt or a drink slung at them. Not always a good show and most people don't remember the occurrence for much longer than a period of seven days.