Saturday, April 12, 2008

Answers for the Peanut Gallery, Part II

If you could be a woman for a day just to see what it was like, would you want to? If yes, what would you do in that day?

I don't think any man would turn down the opportunity. Sad, but I would probably play with myself all day. I think it would unlock a few mysteries.

Brenda (Wisconsinite) has asked:
So let's say, in all of that spare time you get, you invented a time machine. After all, who wouldn't want one for when they're bored?Who would you go back in time to meet? What events in history would you like to witness?

I am a history fan so to be nice to the audience the condensed version of this would be I would like to go back to April or May of 1945 and meet Helmuth Weidling. At least a day or two before May 2nd.

Ron has asked:
If you could ask a higher power one question and were guaranteed to have it answered, no matter what the question was, what would you ask?

Is it possible for a swallow to carry a coconut?

Presbyterian Gal has asked:
Butter or margarine (on food)? : Butter
Boxers or briefs? : Boxers for everyday, Boxer-briefs for PT
Coke or Pepsi? : Coke
Athletic shoes or boots? : Boots
Jeans: zippers or button fly? : Zippers on men, Button for women
Fries or fruit? : Sandwiches get fries; everything else,Fruits
Salad dressing on the side or on the salad? : On the side

PK has asked:
If you aren’t into expounding further on her question… this is mine very own... would you consider/have you ever thought about going to seminary?

I don't think I could preach something I am completely sure about. So no.

MEL (Jarhead) has asked:
1) Why have you not been drawing me pictures? Handicapped at the moment.
2) If you had unlimited time and money (and cheap labor), what kind of flowers and or plants would you decorate your yard with? I would like to know the reasons for your choices as well. Is this a trick question? Pretty ones.
3) When are you coming to visit? (Obviously a rhetorical question.) As soon as I can convince them I need to go to a school in Miramar for something. Or maybe fall.
4) Tym would like to know the size of your left big toe as well. Diameter and length.
I posted a picture of the missing toenail, but the diameter is about and inch and a quarter and the length is about two and quarter inches.
and one more:
Do you feel it is morally and ethically wrong to require Marines to attend a mess night that they have to pay for? Also If you are morally and ethically opposed to this, how would you advise a junior Marine to peacefully protest? No, It is one of the best traditions to enjoy. I wouldn't protest it.

Evil Twin's Wife has asked:
What type of scents/smells do you like (in general)? If you wear cologne, do you have a favorite and what do you like to smell on females?

Vanilla. For me I am like Drakkar.(Which I am currently out and have been unable to find any in the stupid town.) Some smells are good on some women and awful on others, but I figure you couldn't lose with Jasmine.

CDP has asked:
What are you reading, and what do you like to read? I am in between books at the moment, which is rare, I will probably find a Koontz book to read soon. I like to read mystery, or science fiction, or comedy, or books about war, or history.
What are your favorite movies (recent and classic?) La Story and Gosford Park and The Kindred and Dangerous Liaisons (and few more)
Will you retire from the Marines? If all goes well I should retire February 7th, 2015.
If so, what do you hope to do and where do you hope to live after you retire? (or after you leave the military?) I have or will have homes in Arizona and North Carolina, but I think I would rather live in Tennessee and most likely will keep something in Wisconsin.
And finally, are you a car lover, or do you not care what you drive as long as it runs? I am definitely not a car fanatic, but I appreciate cars and trucks more than I did when I was younger.

Tammie has asked:
1. If you found out tomorrow that you had to change careers, what would you choose as your new career? Aviation Safety Analyst or Consumer Safety Officer
2. What do you find intriguing about a person that makes you want to get to know them better? Mind
3. What is your favorite childhood memory? I talk about it here:
4. If you had to lose your hearing or sight, which one would you choose to give up? Hearing
5. Out of all the people you've known in your life, who would you say has been your partner in crime most often and why would you say that about this person? Thomas Stueber, the is explained in the above post.

imngrace has asked:
why did you join Marines? I needed a change in my life at the time.
Whom do you most admire and why? The man(woman) I have not met yet. The one who will take me on the next journey.

Ruth has asked:
What 5 words does a Marine have to have in his vocabulary to make it through the day? Other than profanity. Words like "perimeter" (is that a good Marine word?)
First let me say that I am an Airwing Marine so this may not apply to everyone. (Disclaimer)

Head - a place with a commode
Scuttlebucket - a fountain of some sort usually has water
Stick - A group of people assigned one when boarding a plane or helicopter
Hatch - door
Buttcan- a place where cigarettes go when done with them, also is in a location where smoking is allowed

MezzoSF has asked:
What do you like best about your job? What do you like least about your job? This is a qood question, the most is when you teach something and they get it. The least is probably when dealing with spouses of ones that were lost.
What is your favorite curse word?
Do you have any tattoos? If so - what (and where) are they? No, it was removed.

Where in the world would you like to go that you haven't been to already?

Home, a place I can call home.