Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gearing Up for Summer

For some darn reason or another, I used to think that when summer was about to be on us the fun would commence. Lots of parties, BBQs, laughs with friends, lots of down time; well, that just doesn't look like that is how it is going to be. We have personnel shortages all over the place and what this means for those of us that are here: Suck it Up.

Once I became a "they or them" my fun time seemed to just go away, like the caribou. Unless we find some replacements for the people that are leaving, I am going to be working similar hours that I worked in Iraq, that my friends just is not my cup of tea. I know, lots of time before summer, right? The hundred and one days of summer start on Memorial Day, which is just next month.

I know those of you that are not military or didn't come from military families will not understand. I know that. It just hit me hard today when I was going over needs of the squadron with my boss (Captain, who is also leaving) and realized this is effecting me as much as it is effecting everyone else. I am hoping for the best, but I am starting to prepare for the worst.