Friday, April 18, 2008

Little Questions, Answered

Are you ever going to come and see me?
Never can say never. I have visited with many people over the years, that usually say something like " I never thought you'd come out here."

Do you like Sharpies?

What is your idea of Mrs. Right?
Some woman that can be a lady and be exactly the opposite. Some woman that will love me for all me defects. And preferably has more than a handful of breasts.

Favorite sport to play? Speed Ball, the Marine Corps version
Favorite sports team to cheer? Green Bay Packers
Out of all the places you have lived thus far in life - which one(s) did you like the most and least?
Most-Tennessee, not any particular city
Least-San Diego, California
Favorite band(s)? Monster Magnet, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Seether, Rufas Wainwright, Ozzy Osbourne, and many others.

If you had to be trapped on a desert island with three people from your blog roll, who would they be and why?
The Village Carpenter - If we needed anything built, she would probably have the expertise needed.
all the way from oy to vey - Because laughter is the best medicine.
LadyBurg* - She has garden skills that might come in handy.

How *did* you injure your wrist, anyway?
At some point, while doing a MCMAP "exercise"the back of my hand touched the back of my arm.

Why Sorento?
While on deployment in the nineties, I had the pleasure of staying there for three days. It was one of the most peaceful and fun times in my life. The cove supplied endless beauty and the people were ever so gracious. There were stores that I found that made of the most inquisitive inlaid woodworking that I have ever seen.