Monday, April 14, 2008

So Little Questions, So Much Time

Anytime any of you, the readers, want to ask a question don't hesitate. I rarely shy any from the opportunity, because I like me. For example, when ever I going into a new home I always set up an "I love me wall" things like awards I have been given or different types of certifications I have accomplished, maybe even a picture of myself from a Mess Night or Dining In. But that will be it that will be the only place I would put up my "I love me items." Other items I enjoy hanging are artwork I have collected over time, some historic paintings, and some Marine Corps memorabilia.

I straying from the subject at hand if there are any questions you like to ask and haven't already done or would like a clarification, feel free to post it here and I will answer these on Saturday like I did last week.


All Tom Foolery aside I meant if you wanted to ask about something and didn't get the chance here is a special post just for that.