Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coming Home - Time Off

Everyone I talk to lately keeps reminding me I will be taking time off or will be going on vacation. Okay.

After 392 days of doing the same routine day in and day out, time off sounds good, but so far, for me, it lasted one day.

I still get up at five in the morning. I do a little exercise that I am able to do without hurting myself more. I then have been wandering around aimlessly for the last few days.

In a nut shell, the only real priorities in my life is to have semi meaningful sex with a woman. I realized a long time ago that it is highly unlikely to have completely meaningful sex so I don't push my boundaries on that.

I have "technically" gone out on two dates. One with girl that is five years my junior and jumps around like a pixie a lot. She also doesn't shut the fuck up, so kissing was a utter disaster. The other girl is ten years my senior and very physical when the lights go out. I am sorry, I am not a rag doll or chew toy.

I had met some friends for cocktails on Friday four women and one other guy. The guy is dating one of the girls, but secretly wants to date one of the other girls. We had a good time in general, lots of love taps on the ass. (Would call this the good game slap, but there was no game on the TV.)