Sunday, February 17, 2008

State of the Wyldth1ng

A friend of mine sent me that survey link that I posted yesterday. She thought it would hint to me that I am ready to settle down or some crap like that. The thing is, and I have posted this before so nothing new here, I have been DIVORCED three times. I got the t-shirt, then she took it away.

Funny part, about my luck is that I really haven't been trying to hard. I mean I just have been walking up to some of these women after a few minutes of observation time and saying something like let's go out Saturday night with me. Maybe because I have been bold in my statements, I don't know. Granted, after my encounter with the pixie, I have been staying clear of the ones that look like they are in their low twenties.

Here is a kicker in the whole situation, my latest night was last night. I went to sleep at about midnight. I haven't been drinking much for a couple of reasons. It is either beer or drugs and there is no libido with my drugs and legally I can't drive with them. The drugs are worse than the drinking, wacky. Plus, I don't need to do anything daring, I did that shit when I was in my low to mid twenties. It didn't get me very far.

Unfortunately, I encountered my "house mates" while out last night. I have come to the conclusion that these two are completely oblivious to other peoples feelings and emotions. They are perfect for each other. Again, both said some derogatory comments to me and had no idea that they were pissing me off. I can not express how hard it is to be "nice" to someone that isn't very in return.

Since being back I have been trying to have some of my local friends read the blog or at least glance at this sucker. It is like pulling teeth from a rhino. "They" have no problem going to there MySpace account, so I put a couple of links on mine. Doesn't even require any fucking typing of their part. ( Just in case you all want to see my nipple.) I really have not updated it lately, so much to do so little time. I need to get rid of some of this shit, I just have too much crap of me out on the web.