Friday, February 15, 2008

The Spirits Are Not Calling

Ring! Ring!
Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?
Dial tone.

My life regardless of how happy I try to make it so, just doesn't go that way. I don't think I need to go into my wrist situation, that is well covered. My Dad is in a questionable state at the moment and hopefully will hear more by the afternoon. I have been trying to find and buy a reasonable home and that has not been going well at all. (The whole east side of NC is swamp land.) I have some issues with people that were, in theory, looking over my interests while in Iraq and at the moment doesn't look like a pleasant ending. I am not really happy about my current living situation, but I figure I can hold out till I close on a home. I flat out told my "housemate" that I was depressed and he ridiculed me even further. What kind of bastard does that? The good part at the moment, may be a happening or two in Pennsylvania in about two weeks. Plans for that are looking good at this time.