Thursday, February 21, 2008

Up in the Morning Before the North Carolina Sun

Normally, I would be doing some sort of PT right now. I haven't really done anything in the morning that would qualify to be PT. After my visit with my new doctor, "we" learned that I have two tendons with problems. One would require surgery and the other therapy. He had explained about all the possible problems that could occur during the surgery and he explained what I still need to get done before he can operate. So this morning I have a" laundry list" of crap to do and call.

I haven't heard anything about the house since yesterday. I don't expect to until later today, the sellers are in California. Apparently, there are several others that put in offers besides me on Tuesday, so someone is not going to get what they want. My agent "said" they were leaning towards mine, but who knows what the fuck that means.