Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fun with Navy Medicine, Part X, The New Experience

I feel like today was a waste of a day. I went to Wilmington to see a civilian doctor, which is about sixty eight miles from Jacksonville with my vehicle. I know that is the correct mileage because that is what the sign read on the road and my odometer confirmed it. So, I go to the doctor's office and see a "nurse" tell her all my ailments that I have with my wrist she sends me for x-rays right after I said the x-rays in Iraq didn't do the doctors any good since I don't have any broken bones.

I go to another building in Wilmington get x-rays which takes about an hour and a half. "They" put them on CD. I go back over to see this nurse and she says wait here and takes the CD. I am put in a room about eight feet by three feet. It has bad paneling from the seventies on the walls and orange/brown carpeting. By this point in time my wrist is throbbing with pain. See the nurse had me take my splint off for the x-rays and discarded it for me. How nice of her.
(I did a bunch of paperwork as well before and after the x-rays, mostly saying if my insurance doesn't pay, I have to. Go Navy team!)

After about fifteen minutes in comes the "doctor" he presses on my wrist and thumb in ways show pain in my face. I tell him this hurts, that fucking hurts, don't do that again, you all know basic doctor-patient stuff. He pulls out this needle of white fluid and tells me, "this won't hurt me at all." I think that was a joke, I didn't laugh. Before he injects me, I tell him "they" did the same thing in Iraq and it last a few days. He just ignored me and tells me that I might feel a slight pinch.

This guy obviously needs testing on because it fucking hurt a lot. Then he says I won't need a splint and use my wrist and hand like I would normally. After a brief pause, he then says he will need to see me in 3 to 4 weeks. It has been about three hours since then and I am in more pain than "normal" at the moment.

Tell you all the truth, I am fucking depressed right now.