Monday, February 04, 2008

Coming Home - The Transition

First, I want to say thank you all very much for the super warm wishes. I cannot tell you all how much it means to me.

I am writing this at about five in the morning, I have been awake since two and cannot get back to sleep. ( Technically, this is not my computer or connection, I am borrowing a friends since my computer is not connecting for some darn reason or another.) I did watch the first half of the game, saw a little of the half, then an overwhelming tiredness(is that a word?) came over me. It has actually been like that since I have been back. I figured it out toady what it is, I was "going to bed" at noon and waking at six pm in Iraq. Well, that would be about 8 pm and two in the morning here in North Carolina. So I am going to have to work on that one.

I have been having a hard time focusing my attention on anything longer than about five minutes. Which I have not figured that one out yet. I have been driving okay, it is just conversations with people have not been going the way it should.

I had a beer! I have had several beers. My first was actually in Shannon, Ireland and it was a Heineken (not sure on the spelling). Since being back I have been sticking to Miller Lite, except for one Arrogant Bastard I had with a meal on Saturday. I also had a "body shot" on Sunday. My friend said it was a "welcome home body shot," who am I to argue. It was a Washington Apple.

I am living with two other guys and a girl. One of the guys is dating the girl, all of the guys were in Iraq. This should be a temporary "home" for me, maybe a few months, since I have been looking at homes. This house that I am living currently, I would never be able to afford, it is at least double the size home that I am looking at and new. I have been focusing on homes that are at least twenty years old and have good (proven) foundations.

Hopefully, sometime today I should find out the when, what and where of my wrist. The doc game me another prescription of "Vitamin P" and I nearly had to give away my first born just to take it away from the pharmacy.

It will be a few days at least until I get back into a routine on the Internet. So am sorry if I have not visited your blog or website. I am thinking, I may shut down some of my other blogs. I have five. And I have a website that I really have not been using to its full potential. Actually I have two websites that I have not been using to the full potential, going to have to figure something out about that as well.

My leave is in question, big time. Everything is pretty much hinged on the wrist. My command all knows about it. Which is to say, the CO, XO(Executive Officer), Sgt. Maj. (Sergeant Major), my boss which is a Captain, his boss which is a Major, and a whole bunch of enlisted people in between. I have about eighteen combat leave days to take, which means that my first eighteen days of leave will not be taxed or you could say I will get all of my pay whenever I do take it.

I am sorry for such a lengthy post, it is not like me to write so much at one time. But if you made it this far, you have the basic gist of what is going on during this transition.