Thursday, October 04, 2007

General Y's for a Friday

Why is it when you turn music up REAL loud, when listening to a favorite song it sounds better?

Why don't I get the questions asked of me, that I know the answer?

Why does it seem that I am always over loaded with work and there are subordinates that seem to have nothing to do?

Why can't I say the things that are really on my mind to anyone?

Why do people think I want to be here?

Why don't people know where their capital of their state is located?

Why don't people know who is on the one dollar bill?

Why don't people vote?

Why is everything someone else's fault?

Why does the Teddy Bear on my desk comfort me so? (Christmas '06 present from Trinity Lutheran which I have never stepped foot in.)

Why do people like me?

Why do people hate me?

Why am I really here?

Why are there different classes of United States of America people, shouldn't we just be Americans?

Why do people care if you are white, black, brown, or purple?

Why are strawberries not on tap?

Why can't you read my thoughts?

Why do "women" think I can read their thoughts?

Why is "ADIDAS" on my mind more as an adult than when I was a teenager?

Why am I not "allowed" to play in the toy section of Walmart(name any large chain store) when other adults are present?

Why am destined to be my father?

Why am I afraid of that?

Why are Twizzlers so good?

Why do I question my past so much?

Why doesn't the media cover anything good?(vice evil)

Why do I play the devil's advocate role so well?

Why did I really drop out of School of Architecture? (Pre-Marine Corps)

Why can't I find that one and only?

Why on Sundays do I like to recieve a small cherry dipped cone from DQ?

Why are there not beef jerky trees next to the money trees?