Monday, October 01, 2007

My Bi-Weekly Sermon

I am not ordained, a minister of any sort, and I do not preach the word of God.

I hold a meeting with heads of divisions and departments twice a week. It could be like watching Jay Leno, but rarely funny. I start with a lengthy monologue about trends and practices. I talk about solutions to problems, very much like a sermon. After my spiel, I then hand the floor over to a few others for updates and bulletins. When that is said and done, I take the floor over again and talk for another five to ten minutes and close with any questions.

My record meeting was two minutes and hour and a half, respectfully. Sometimes I yell and sometimes others yell, it can be quite entertaining from an outside perspective.

The one thing you have to put into your mind is, there is a group of Marines in a semicircle jotting notes down and moving their heads in an up and down motion a lot.

So, thinking about it, it maybe just like a church sermon. Maybe I am reaching.