Saturday, October 06, 2007

Searching For Myself

I have to blame More Cows for inviting me to search for myself. That is okay, using Google I find me and Hitler and some World War Two pictures. Here is the explanation:

I have a relative(I don't know my family tree well enough to explain how) that was a General in Hitler army. If fact this guy, is the guy who surrendered in Berlin after Hitler's death. Well, that should explain the WWII pictures and Hitler.

The pictures of me are quite simple I own a website that I use as a scrapbook of sorts. There is just a little bit of everything in my website.(Been on the web since 1997.)

Now, when searching for my "nickname" I find More Cows and other RevGals. I also find some video that I posted on MySpace from Japan. Of course, there is also a picture from my website.