Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I am always curious how much other jobs make. My job is paid by tax payers so my pay chart is public knowledge.(The cool part is I pay taxes, when not in a combat zone, so in effect I pay my own wage.)

I am a salary worker so figuring out my pat is easy. You take my pay grade and the number of years I have been in active duty and walla. If you look at a paychart, find E6 then cross it with 13 years, oh wait, there is no 13. So you find 12 years and run your finger to cross meet and find I make 2928.30 a month before taxes.

In a combat zone we get few extra pays depending on what our function(job skill) is and where we are located. I receive an extra 225.00 for Imminent Danger Pay, 100.00 for Hardship Duty(which is figured by location), and I receive a deployed per diem of 3.50 a day. Even though we are in a combat zone and I am not taxed by my state and not taxed by the federal government I still pay (for me) 186.00 for Social Security, 43.50 for Medicare, and of course 50 cents for the United States Navy and Marine Corps Retirement Home. I have other stuff going on on my pay stub, but you all need not know that information.

So in a combat zone I should make about 37572.00 give or take a couple of hundred dollars for the year. This will be my best year since being in the Marine Corps. Last year I made about 27000.00, huge difference. Basically, my pay last was derived from not being in combat zone to rate extra pay and I still paid taxes to my "resident" state and the Federal government. I think it comes out that I pay myself every three months or so.

All right I am way off subject here, what I want to know is about how much do you make for your profession?

You don't have to give me exactly but I am looking for a ball park figure here. Just a rough estimate.

You may ask why, well, sometimes when life is hard and I wonder why the fuck I do this job. I think about what else I could be doing and I am curious what kind of increase of pay there is. My job is not about the money, it never has been, but it always nice to have a little. So you can buy a Willy Wonka bar or a feather pillow.

So, please, let me know. I am curious.