Friday, October 12, 2007

Too long to Comment

This is a post I expect either no one to read or a lot people will read in protest. I, being a blogaholic, view and read about a dozen or so blogs regularly with about five or six new ones for spice of life type feeling. Fridays, stateside time, I read a lot of church leader blogs. You could say it is my Saturday class before church. I write a comment on about 95 percent of the blogs I read. I am sorry for those I do not, but sometimes there nothing to say or I have something to say and it is not a "pretty" answer. So I abstain on occasion.

I keep reading items from church leaders that are male bashing. Sad. It really bothers me. You know why? I am classified as a Alpha male. I am a dying breed.

I believe in such things like, opening doors for ladies; buying flowers for ladies; reaching for or picking up some item. I do not do these things to demean anyone or think "she" cannot do these things. I do them because of "common courtesy." Traditions sometimes are a good thing.

I could easily split into a section talking about women ruling the world, but why? Why can't we rule the world together. I will never understand why not. I will meet you all halfway, but you need to come this way at least fifty percent or it is all not.

Earlier today I wanted to post something to this effect on many blogs. I hope I made my point.