Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Letters - The Answer Expanded

I just sent out about a dozen letters. Dropped them off in the blue box in the hallway of the "head shed" right next to the Squadron Duty Officer.

I have been putting off letter writing for a little while hoping for some news to share, but there really isn't a whole lot to share. (I am not going to spoil what I did write about though.)

Some of those who wrote me or sent a care package included email addresses or I have them, but I didn't write an email back. My thinking is, this person or people took the time to send me a package or letter so I will return the favor and write back.

Now, know this, my handwriting is awful. So I do not "write" a whole lot. I type out a letter and then "write" a sentence or two specifically to that person or people. To me the hardest part is getting the address to look neat enough so the post office won't have problems delivering the letter.