Sunday, October 28, 2007

Links That I Have Here

I wanted to go back over some of my links and tell you why they are here.

You've Really Got to Love Your People* - This blog helps me intellectually as well as spiritually.
Yearning For God* - This blog is reminds me of everyone else.
Tribal Church* - This blog talks about a potential progressive spiritual path, which fascinates me.
The Daily Gut - This is one of those "duh" blogs, tells it like it is and reminds me of how stupid people can be.
Suitably Flip - This blog is similar to the Daily Gut but focuses more on politics. So stupid politicians.
Sharing a Journey* - I have this blog for a few different reasons but the most important one is I really do not agree with most of what is said, so you could say I am his devil's advocate.
Seeking Authentic Voice* - This is one of the spiritually charged blogs that I have here, one that keeps me on my toes.
Rogue Gunner - A Falklands war veteran that speaks volumes to me and others of similar backgrounds.
Quiet Musings From Virginia - The title says it best.
Presbyterian Gal* - This lady writes stories that keep me coming back.
Post Secret - This is the first blog I ever found, I read it at least once a week on Sundays. Sometimes I go back several times in a week. Go there and see.
Possible Water* - Spiritually charged blog and I think she may read as much as I do which is fascination in itself.
PoliTits - A tell it like it is blog with politics with the inclusion of life.
MilBlogs - This should be a "duh" statement, the center of my webring, a columniation of military blogs.
Magdalene's Musings* - Spiritually charged blog, brings humor along in a subtle way.
Lost in Lima Ohio, A True Crime Blog - Tell it like it is and reminding us where we are going as a nation.
LadyBurg* - Spiritually charged blog, a fun read every time.
Inner Dorothy* - This blog is spiritual and I feel for her pains that she has deeply.
Identity Mixed - This blog confuses me a lot so I go back a lot to figure it out.
Going on to Perfection* - A spiritual blog that interests my on the youth level of my brain.
General Din - This mother's blog is always an interesting read.
Faith in Community* - Spiritual blog that has more about the community than most communities.
Eagle Speak - An old retired Navy captain that writes about our history and similar military topics.
Confederate Yankee - A political and headliner blog that gives us another opinion of the truth.
Cheesehead in Paradise* - One of the first spiritual blogs I have read, I do not always agree, but I don't have to.
Bruttally Honest - Political blog that the title says it best.
Blonde Sagacity - One of the first political blogs that I started reading and has always been an interesting read.
Beyond Assumptions - I relate spiritually with this blog. This is not a spiritual blog.

USMC Ribbon Checker - Always a good site after a deployment.
Real Clear Politics - A collection of many articles and polls, you get to make up your own mind.
News Busters - Set s the record straight on sloppy journalism.
My Pay - Federal and uniformed employs of the government need to know what they are being paid.
Middle East Journal - An independent journalist in the Middle East area.
Marine For Life - Life after the Marine Corps, one of the many tools available.
Global Incident Map - What "apocalyptic" event is happening where you live?
Bear Trap Guides - It is always good to know where the smoky may be.
Absentee Voting Assistance - Of those of us that are no where near to vote this where to get started.