Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I had this crazy memory about some fun times at the karaoke bar down from sobriety hill at Fuetemna. What prompted this, I heard someone listening to Mony Mony, the Billy Idol version. Sad to say but the reason I could drink so often in Japan, was because I sang karaoke.

For those you do not know, when you sang your tune, however close you were to the version on the machine you scored points. The bar usually had a certain score if you made it above you got a "free" drink. In some of them, if you made the score exactly, you received 2 "free" drinks. I quote the free because it cost an average 200 yen to sing and coupon the bar gave you was usually for 400 yen which only covered draft beer. So it doesn't compare to church in that aspect, where you can sing for nothing.

My "normal" selections were: Summer Nights (duet), Jack and Diane, Piano Man, Mony Mony, and Minority. The last two were the end of the night, voice was lost, type songs.

Fun Times.