Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Between Letters Being Written

If you remember, I said I was behind on my thank yous on a previous post, I still am. I wrote a few more then found a new way to procrastinate, for a little while anyway.

I have church questions, these questions have popped up by reading "my" church newsletter. (The one I grew up with.)

What is an associate pastor? - Is that like a secondary or like a safety?

What is a supply pastor? - Do they just handle rations?

When the church says they are looking a senior pastor, does that mean he or she is in the emerald club? - In other words, what is a senior pastor?

In this letter, there is a section with finances and a big box around a negative number, but there is no negative numbers in the actual logbook area. I just don't understand, what is the point?

I do understand what a "Stephen Minister" is, but who was Stephen?


These newsletters have come along way, now it is colorful and printed on nice paper and have an advertising page in the back (which I don't understand either), but with all this fancy stuff doesn't it get in the way of the point?

I am not trying to make fun in anyway. I just don't understand some of these things listed in the letter. It must be important, or they wouldn't have put it in there.