Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Busy Thursday(ish)

I work at night time, if you haven't gathered that already. Pretty soon I am going to attempt to sleep. This means leaving work early and sleeping at a time not normal for my body. (Times like this in the states are usually accompanied with a couple of favorite frosty beverages.) Then during the time I am normally asleep at my heaviest hour, I am going to run a PFT(Physical Fitness Test). After which I am going to try and mail several boxes of accumulated items back to the states. Afterwards with hopefully a successful Post Office trip, I will go back into work(for the "next" day). The Packer game should kick off sometime between 03 and 05 (following day) which the only problem arises with the end of my shift when my boss(the Captain) would rather see me doing something else(not watching football on his TV).

So tomorrow(today) should be a fun busy day.